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Hauke Alternative School
Susan L. Willis
Conference Time: 10:17-11:02
(936)709-3429 school    (936)520-3269

Parents ,
Feel free to call me at home at 936-520-3269 anytime after 5pm to discuss your childs grades, behavior or needs in Physics. My conference time is between 7:10-8:05. I would love for you to come visit the class.

The #1 thing you can do to help your child be successful is to make sure they attend class regularly, review all notes nightly and not wait til the day before the test to study. They will keep a Interactive notebook in order according to date so they need to stay organized.This will be a major grade every 6-9 weeks.  Ask them to read their notes out loud to you and explain what we did in class. This may only take 1-2 minutes but what a valuable review.

Look in "GRADEBOOK" to view upcoming Major grades (test, projects)

Feel free to call me anytime if you are in need of tutoring or have questions of any kind. I am available after school and during lunch on certain days. You must ask for make up work immediately. If you are absent for an extended time, it will require coming after school to get caught up.  Thanks,  Mrs. Willis  :)

LATE WORK POLICY (Daily and Projects):
1-4 days late=70% highest you can make
5th day until next grading period= 50%

All test must be made up before the NEXT major test!

1st SEMESTER:8222008_45805_0.png
Expectations for Class

Taught by: Mrs. Susan WilliS
General Information:

Supplies Needed:

  • Spiral notebook
  • Pens/pencils/highlighters
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Tape or glue

My goal is for every student to succeed. To facilitate this goal, the class rules and procedures will be practiced and then enforced.  Grading:
Major grades (test, projects)…………….. 50%

Daily grades (labs, quiz, etc)…………….. 50%

* I return work promptly and retakes and make-up test must be  

accomplished in a timely manner. Do NOT ask about your grade  

during class. If you have questions, make an appointment to  

see me outside of class (preferably before or after school).  

Class Rules:
  • Be in class and in seat on time
  • Have materials ready. (Spiral open and pen or pencil)
  • Remain focused on your work in class. (NO cell phones)

What is expected of me when I enter class?

  1. 1.Pick up spiral at the door and begin the warm-up.
  2. 2.Have your spiral open to the previous days lesson and review concepts we learned.
  3. 3.Have a pencil or pen. If you don’t have one, then ask to borrow a fellow students before I begin class.
  4. 4.You will not be allowed to have a phone out at all during instruction. That means both of your hands must be visible on top of desk.  
  5. 5. Glue, tape or staple all papers into spiral in an orderly manner.





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